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Your next adventure is waiting to be discovered, documented, and shared. Questori is your companion for every journey, big or small. Engage with a community that values real-world connections and experiences as much as you do. Download Questori today and start turning your everyday into an adventure worth sharing.

Questori is in open beta, so please provide us with feedback and bug reports, either in-app under the main menu, or at 

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Our latest update makes sharing your world smoother than ever! Enjoy improved navigation, enhanced privacy controls, and more ways to connect with friends and adventurers alike.


Quests are in Beta right now. Decide on an adventure you'd like to take, for instance Dinner with friends. Or a Hike. Or a day at the beach.  Then offer up one or more options for where the Quest will take place, and one or more days and times.  Your guests can vote on which places and times work best for them, and you as the creator can finalize the Quest and you're off to the races.  Quest members can post comments to the Quest, and can also post their Stories directly to the Quest. 

Questori Features and Technology

Beta NFTs on the NEAR Testnet

Coming soon will be more functionality to:

Questori for iPhone/iOS: 

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Questori(™) World Object Store (WOS)

The WOS is a decentralized open source project led by the Questori(™) team.  The WOS enables Augmented Reality content creators to obtain NFTs that serve as deeds of ownership for their content.  The WOS is open to Augmented Reality Creations (ARCs) from any application, not just the Questori (™) App.  The WOS stores files in a decentralized fashion including rights claimed by the creator about downstream usage and monetization.

The first version of the World Object Store is used to power the Questori App, and the full open source, decentralized version will be made available publicly in the next few months.